Reverse 911

Reverse 911

Reverse 911Douglas County 911 Emergency Services encourages residents to sign up for Reverse 911, an emergency alert system designed to send alert texts directly to your phone. The alerts will be sent for natural disasters, community emergencies, industrial accidents, wildfires, floods, severe weather, chemical spills, or when police actions occur.

Register your mobile number and physical address with a local Reverse 911 system so you won't miss critical notifications.

Reverse 911 can send more precise warnings and instructions no matter where you are, but only if your mobile number and physical address are registered in the system. 

Registration for Reverse 911 requires the user to set up an account and password with their address and phone number. The user's phone number can't be used for other purposes or sold to an outside party. 

To register your cell phone for Reverse 911 visit