School Resource Officer

School Resource Officer

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office employs four School Resource Officers (SRO). This SRO partnership between the Sheriff's Office and the School District allows sworn deputy sheriffs (SRO) to directly interact with the students in a positive manner, rather than reacting to criminal activity alone.

This everyday interaction provides an opportunity for the School Resource Officer to help students with the many pressures today's young people find themselves having to confront; including the use of alcohol, drugs or tobacco, peer pressure, gang involvement and criminal activity.

The School Resource Officer program is a proactive approach to a safe and enjoyable educational experience for our children and young adults. Our SRO has been a valuable resource for students, parents, teachers and faculty.

School Resource Officers


Douglas County Sheriff's School Resource Officer fulfills three primary roles:

  • Law Enforcer - A law enforcement officer whose main purpose is to "keep the peace" in the school system, and with student issues that arise off campus, so students can learn in a safe, non-intimidating environment.
  • Advisor - A counselor who provides law-related guidance and information to students, families, teachers and faculty; additionally acting as link to social and other support services inside and outside the school environment.
  • Educator - A law-related educator who provides our community schools with an additional resource by sharing expertise in the classroom.





School Resource Officers encourage use of SafeVoice. Students, parents and faculty have access to SafeVoice, a tip system used to report threats to the safety or well-being of students. Students can use the SafeVoice tool to report concerns about their friends or themselves with the option of remaining anonymous

Three ways to use SafeVoice:

  • Call the Hotline 1-833-216-7233
  • Open the SafeVoice app
  • Visit