Mobile Outreach Safety Team (MOST)

Mobile Outreach Safety Team (MOST)

MOST behavior task force logoMOST is a mental health assistance program designed to contact citizens with mental health issues and attempt to get them connected with mental health services in the community. 

The safety team provides services to all Douglas County residents and visitors who experience mental illness, substance abuse disorders, or suicidal crisis. 

The team receives referrals from fellow law enforcement and fire personnel, mental health officials, community members, and friends or family of individuals.  MOST goes out on Thursdays to make contact with individuals meeting the referral criteria.  This is a voluntary program and the individual has the right to refuse help. 

One goal of MOST is to get individuals who suffer from mental illness the help they need before they reach a crisis level which could lead to violence or commission of crime.  Positive contacts with MOST can ease fears of law enforcement in some of these individuals.  MOST also assists in referrals to resources which can provide food, shelter or medical assistance, if needed.


Who's on the Team?

Douglas County’s MOST is comprised of a Sheriff Deputy from the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, paramedic from the East Fork Fire Protection District, licensed social worker from Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health/Rural Clinics Douglas and other support agencies such as Douglas County Social Services.

Deputies and fire personnel involved in this program have received 40 hours of training in Crisis Intervention.

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training helps law enforcement and communities respond to behavior health crisis. The CIT program enhances communication between providers, learn about community behavioral health resources, and develop participant skills in responding to those in behavioral health crisis. To learn more, visit

How to make a non-emergency referral to MOST

1. Call Non-Emergency Dispatch at (775) 782-5126

2. Tell Dispatch you want to make a MOST referral

3. Provide the following:

*Your name and contact information

*Name of individual(s) being referred

*How the individual(s) can be contacted (Example: phone number, address, etc.)

*Reason for referral

The more detail you provide, the better! MOST will be able to provide services and keep everyone safe!

For emergencies, call 9-1-1.

If you, a family member or friend is suffering from mental illness and would like assistance from MOST, please contact Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch at (775) 782-5126.