Motor UnitIf you are suffering through a painful loss at this time, please know that we are here to assist you. We hope the information here can assist you with your needs.

Our Coroner's Division consists of several professionals with advanced death investigation training. We consult with medical professionals on staff. We respond to death scenes such as car accidents, suicides, and overdoses. These are just a few of the death investigations we handle. It is our duty to determine a cause and manner of death. We are thorough, professional and compassionate about our investigations.

If the decedent had autopsy or toxicology performed it may take up to 3 months for the final death certificate to be signed.  You will receive a certified pending death certificate and burial until we receive the final results.

Certified death certificates are obtained through the funeral home. When making funeral arrangements they will ask how many are needed and once they’ve obtained the certified death certificate they will send them to the next of kin.

Coroner cases are only releasable to the next of kin unless the next of kin signs a waiver then we will release the report to an insurance company. If the next of kin desires a copy of the report or autopsy they can email [email protected]

Please include: your name, decedents name, mailing address and phone number.  The final report will not be available until the deputy coroner writes his final supplemental (cause of death) and it’s reviewed by the Chief Deputy Coroner and the District Attorney.