Sentencing in Fentanyl Case

Douglas County District Attorney's Office Announces Sentencing in Fentanyl Case
Posted on 02/17/2023
Douglas County District Attorney's Office Announces Sentencing in Fentanyl Case

Minden, Nevada - The Douglas County District Attorney’s Office has announced that Regina Rojas was sentenced on Monday, February 13, 2023 to an aggregate term of 32.5 years in prison with a minimum parole eligibility of 12 years and four months. Rojas was sentenced for her role in a series of drug sales that culminated in her arrest on October 20, 2022. 

During that arrest, five Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputies suffered exposure to fentanyl and were transported to the hospital. On December 19, 2022, Rojas pled guilty to eight counts of offenses related to the possession and sale of fentanyl and heroin, including two counts of trafficking in a controlled substance. At sentencing, Chief Deputy District Attorney Erik Levin argued that trafficking in fentanyl poses a higher threat to the community than other controlled substances and that the 598 grams of fentanyl Rojas sold over the course of five transactions was enough to potentially kill thousands of people.

Douglas County District Attorney Mark Jackson stated that he considers the trafficking of fentanyl an aggravated public safety offense and his office will vigorously prosecute such cases. In addition to her prison sentence, Rojas was ordered to pay fines and fees totaling $14,238 and she was ordered to pay restitution to Douglas County in the amount of $22,737 for worker’s compensation claims and cleaning costs of patrol vehicles and replacement costs of some equipment related to the deputies’ exposure to the fentanyl.