Moving Broker Scam

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Cautions the Community Regarding Moving Broker Scam
Posted on 09/30/2021
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Cautions the Community Regarding Moving Broker Scam

Minden, NV- The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office wants to inform the community of an emerging scam taking place which effects people who are moving or relocating between states and over large distances.  The scam being used involves a person contacting a “moving broker” to request a quote and to contract for in moving services for their household items and personal property.  The “moving broker” will collect a partial payment for services, up to as much as 30% of the quoted moving fees and will then send a subcontracted or independent “mover” to collect up to 50% of the remaining balance owed for the move.  When the “mover” has received funds, which are generally only accepted in cash or internet payment like Venmo, the mover will take the property that is expected to be moved and delivered to a new residence and load it into a moving truck.  The mover will never deliver the property to be moved as promised. Instead, the mover deposits the property into a storage unit and abandons it for auction by the storage company when payment for the storage unit is not made.


The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office strongly encourages any members of the public to use caution when using a “moving brokerage” or “moving company” to facilitate moving from place to place, especially over great distances between states.  Read and retain copies of all contracts and receipts.  Completely understand what services you are contracting for.  Identify all persons, if possible by taking photographs of valid identifications, of the persons who are taking possession of your property for the purposes of moving it.  Require a detailed itinerary for the route of travel for your property and an accurate delivery date for when your belongings will arrive.  Exercise due diligence in researching the history and background of the moving broker and movers who you contract with to move your belongings.  If you are unwittingly taken advantage of by this emerging scam your belongings may never be recovered and the money taken by the moving broker and mover may also never be recovered.


Any information please contact Investigator Steve Schultz or Leland Love at 775-782-9905- reference moving scam.